Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ninja Sushi-Mililani

When trying to eat better in the new year, Sushi is always a good choice. Unfortunately sushi=rice, and lots of rice, is no good. I stopped into Ninja Sushi to try out a spicy ahi salad. Wow. This salad was great. Lots of good greens (not just iceberg), a good heaping scoop of spicy ahi, some one-ton chips, and two different dressings to add to all of it.
What makes this salad awesome are those two different dressings. There is a sorta spicy sauce that they would normally dress a spicy roll with, and also some wasabi dressing, which is awesome. Do yourself a favor, and order one. A bit pricey at $9, the only problem is you want more when you are done.
There are many Ninja Sushi restaurants around the island.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maile Chinese Restaurant-Mililani

Maile in Mililani has become a regular stop for me and my family. Growing up, we would normal go to Maile a couple of times a month. This trend still holds pretty true. Looking for a place to eat on a Holiday, Maile is most likely open. We decided to eat here Christmas Day-for dinner since we were tired of turkey, and the sides.
They pretty much never have a wait time, and the food is always good.
We usually order the crispy gau gee min, with vegetables, lemon mahi mahi, shrimp canton, vegetables with cashews, and sometimes an orange chicken, or beef broccoli. Since my wife has become a vegetarian, she only eats the veggies, and some of the noodles, picking out the meat! Each dish runs from $6.75 to $9.00 which would be for the shrimp or mahi mahi. It is usually about $30 for the two of us to eat, yet we order 4 dishes, with rice, and we could probably do with 2 maybe 3. There is always leftovers for lunch the next day (which is nice). They always give nice big portions.

If you are in Mililani, check out Maile, in the Foodland Shopping Center. The original shopping center in Mililani.

Here is some orange chicken, lemon mahi mahi, and shrimp with walnuts. You can see a little of the noodles on the back plate.

More pics to come, I'm sure we will be visiting again really soon.

95-221 Kipapa Dr
Ste C17
Mililani, HI 96789
(808) 623-2221
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