Saturday, August 29, 2009

Google Voice

Got a google voice number for Opu-Nui. If you would like to give me a call, use the button below.




Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chucks Steak House-Koolina

For my buddy Mark's birthday, he decided that he would like to eat at Chucks. I have never been since there was a Chucks in Mililani, back when I was a little kid. Before the internet, cell phones, or even pagers. My wife, buddy and another couple went out to Ihilani for some steak.
I was a bit worried since my wife has become a vegetarian and doesn't even eat seafood. I knew they had a salad bar that came with the meal, so I figured if anything, she can eat that.
There were a couple of specials, so I tried to stick with one of those. To start off, none of us ordered any appetizers. Since we could have the salad bar, soup and bread with our meal, we passed.
The salad bar had normal vegetables, not too great. Had a few different fruits, including fresh pineapple. On the salad bar line, they also had a soup of the day, which happened to be beef vegetable. It was very tasty as well hearty. Lots of big chunks of meat and vegetables. For bread they had french roll, sourdough, and rye. On to the meal.
They had a sirloin steak dinner for 21.95. It came with a 10oz steak, rice, baked potato or fries. A teri steak for 23.95 and filet for 32 or 35, 6oz and 10oz respectively. The special was a 6oz piece of Mahi and 6oz sirloin for 23.95. For just a couple of bucks more, you got fish and steak. I asked to upgrade my steak for the bigger piece and it was $2.00 more. It was well worth the upgrade. My wife ordered the stir fry ($21.95), without any steak or chicken. They added mushrooms instead, and she loved it, said it was one of the best stir fry she has ever eaten. For dessert we shared the mud pie ($6.95).
Dinner was very good, came out exactly as ordered, and in a timely manner. With the way my wife liked the stir fry, I can see us returning very soon.

Sorry, no pictures (another good reason to return). We were so hungry, I didn't remember to take out my camera or iPhone to take a picture.
Dress is casual.
Phone : 808-678-8822
Address : 92-161 Waipahe Place Kapolei, 96707

$2 Valet parking good for 3hrs.
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