Monday, October 6, 2008


Love Thai food. Can't wait to go to Thailand one day and enjoy some authentic dishes. My wife chose this place to celebrate her birthday. I had called for a reservation 4 days before, and we all looked forward to a new restaurant. The reservation was for 8pm. At 6 I got a call from them asking I we were still coming, because we should have been there at 5? Um, what? I told them no, it was suppose to be at 8pm, and they said that someone had written it down wrong. We still showed up at 8, and did not have any problems. We had a party of 8 and had ordered all sorts of different dishes. I started off with the fried calamari, which was very lightly breaded and deep fried. My wife chose the Island Curry (shown above) with chicken, medium spice. I had the fried chicken, very tasty with the same dipping sauce as the calamari. We also ordered some Pad Thai noodles (pictured below). I thought the food was very good, but was not thrilled with the service, as they really took their time to come by and see how we were doing. Sorta sucks when they automatically add the tip, due to the size of our party. Another thing I did not like is when they charge for every coke. Usually they tell you that there are no free refills on soft drinks. Nope, they just kept asking us if we wanted another one.
We probably will go back there, but I will stay away from the cokes!
Souvaly Pad Thai

803 Kam Highway
Pearl City, HI 96782
(808) 455-5888
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